Going home tomorrow (I hope)
Sitting in a hospital room with my baby in my lap while watching . . . I don't actually know what I'm watching. Some sort of unsolved mysteries kind of show my husband appears to have fallen asleep to.

But back to baby. He seems to be the highlight of the floor I'm on. Most of the patients on this floor are over 60 because hip joint problems are not common in 35 year old women who are otherwise healthy. And the highlight of this ordeal for me was yesterday morning when I was finally allowed to nurse my little boy again.

I was so relieved to hear that he had no difficulty switching to the bottle while I was under the influence of strong pain killers and anesthesia. Except when I tried to feed him. He wanted nothing to do with the bottle, pushed it aside with his cheek and did his best to roll and wriggle into a nursing position. But luckily that was only for 36 hours.

The pain has continued to improve with secondary issues related to lying in bed for hours on end more bothersome than my hip at the moment. But I can now get out of bed on my own, walk around with crutches and even go up and down stairs. Getting back into bed is the only task I have not yet managed to accomplish. I can only lift my leg an inch off the ground on my own, and my hip and left leg need to stay in a pretty straight line to stay comfortable.

But tomorrow I probably get to go home. Home and family. I can't wait.