While the rest of the country watched...
While y'all were anxiously awaiting ad breaks and your husbands were watching that interminable waste of energy between the ads, my husband bought me a color printer.

I am very happy.

And wondering just how important this whole Super Bowl Sunday thing really is. I've watched one whole Super Bowl in my entire life, and I was the only one in the audience who knew that Green Bay was in Wisconsin. Because I was the only American in a German pub. But that is neither here nor there.

See, we had to make a run to the clinic because my son suddenly discovered a splinter that had obviously been there a while and was becoming infected. Being the only doctor's office around that isn't quite the emergency room, but still is open all kinds of hours that normal doctors do not keep, it is normally quite a busy place.

Not yesterday evening. We were the only ones there. Not another single soul showed themselves the entire time. Which makes me wonder.

Are the actual hours of the Super Bowl the safest hours in America? Or were y'all waving blood soaked towels at the screen, hoping your vegetable tray injuries could wait a couple more hours?