A mother at work
Ah, a rare evening to work. My husband has taken the children to karate and I'm here alone with little L. E. Fant perched on my lap while I try to catch up on some projects and make my to-do list a little more manageable.

Once upon a time, he took the kids once every rest cycle to give me a day to catch up and (gasp!) sometimes even get a little ahead, but I guess taking them grocery shopping isn't as fun as taking them out to eat since we decided to cut a few extras from our budget and put it toward paying down our mortgage faster.

The real reason for tonight's workday, however, has more to do with laundry issues. Or something. Last week, two of my maternity pants (which have been through countless women before me) met their final resting place leaving me with only one pair. Hubby doesn't see a point to purchasing another pair, what with only 6 weeks of pregnancy left. And however many weeks after, but we all like to pretend that we come home from the hospital in our old clothes, right?

So my jeans are in the wash after muddy dogs jumped on me. I'm sitting at the computer in my pajamas snuggling my L. E. Fant and writing about it to all of you and my children are on their way to karate with their daddy.

I'm going to have to start planning this laundry thing. Argh. And it is a little difficult to concentrate while a baby is pretending to eat your nose.