When even Santa is against you...
We had a bit of a "Ralfie moment" at the Weihnacthtsfest at the Omaha German Club today. You see, all our daughter wants for Christmas is what about every other ten year old girl wants for Christmas: a horse. We know. She knows we know. Her eyes light up now and again when we talk about properties with a bit of land because she knows that with such a property would come a chance at an eventual horse.

But she also knows there is no way, no how she will find a real live horse anywhere amongst any of this season's festivities.

And she has also been taught not to lie. So when we let the children line up to see Father Christmas as the festival and he asked her what she wanted for Christmas she really didn't have much choice.

She had to say "a horse." Who would have guessed Father Christmas would say "No?" He even laughed as he said no and told her to come up with another present. Now, I've heard Santas say nice, non-committal sort of things about children's requests, but I've never seen one strike a child's hope right off their list before. I found it rather amusing and my husband and I both choked back a laugh.

Must be a German thing.