Into the Snow
While my daughter is off in Kansas keeping her grandfather company, I decided to do a special lesson with the younger children. And what could be more fun the week leading up to Christmas than a unit all about snow?

Our lesson had its first setback yesterday as I realized that The Snowy Day, central to our first week's activities, is still in a box in the attic. Getting in the attic requires climbing on top of the refrigerator, not something I'm keen on doing as I go into my seventh month of pregnancy. Bear offered, but that would inevitably require me going up after him at some point so that didn't seem like as good an idea to me as it did to him.

Some kind soul on Twitter thought it would be a good idea. Some kind soul on Twitter even thought I should YouTube the whole event. Thanks, kind soul, but no thanks.

Instead, I found some poetry involving snow so that we could get started with something while I waited for either my husband to get home and scale the refrigerator or until I could make a trip to the library to check out a book I already own.

I then spent twenty minutes packing the children in their winter clothes so that they could spend five minutes outside before coming in to warm up their red little runny noses. I forgot to take a picture...that will have to wait until the next child packing event...but my Little Bear (5) and Little Bug (3) did come up with a pretty nice poem for all that.

I don't think the children minded their Saturday School too much seeing as they both giggled at how it was the best day ever. It is nice to have those kinds of school days once in awhile.