Advertising dilemmas
I recently received an update from BlogHer regarding upcoming ad campaigns, most specifically dealing with political ads. Ho hum. I don't pay a lot of attention to these campaigns other than to smile that I'm included. I like my monthly little check. I don't like to think of the hours that went into them, because when I think in those terms...well, let's just say that I make a lot less than minimum wage.

Do I want political campaigns? Do I want to reject only certain candidates? Or, more fundamentally, when an advertiser places an ad on my site, am I supporting them or are they supporting me?

I don't really care all that much what gets advertised on my site, but something which is poorly targeted really is a waste of the advertiser's money. I hold my readers in pretty high regard, however, and I've never worried that an ad which runs in my sidebar is going to lead y'all down the path to wickedness and despair. Or, worse, cause you to vote for the wrong candidate.

So I don't know. I don't find campaign ads as morally reprehensible as the few things I have turned down. But if you stop by here and see an ad for Obama, just smile and know that I never got around to making up my mind whether or not to reject the political ads.

Now if Beau McCoy or Tony Fulton drop me a line, they can have some ad space for free. Maybe I'll put up a button for them later, just in case any Nebraskans from either district 39 or 29 stops by and happens to be the kind who blindly votes for anyone advertised in my sidebar. See, I'm not in either of their districts, so my vote doesn't count.