Sometimes, I can be a little slow
OK, maybe a lot slow. For two days, I have been annoyed by my blog layout. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, I need to have my browser full screen to view it properly, otherwise the words run into the sidebar. The pictures have a fuzzy look to them, and it is just annoying. Mostly because I don't like having my browser set to full screen, although I couldn't tell you why.

I almost emailed a blogging friend of mine to see if she had noted anything, but she is always faithful in pointing out the problems my blog is having, as if I really knew how to fix them when they crop up. Mostly I fly into a temporary panic, remind myself it isn't the end of the world and try to find someone who knows how to fix whatever is going on.

Or I just imitate an ostrich and stick my head in the sand. Funny thing with blogs is that this often works as well if not better than anything I try to fiddle with. Normally, whatever program isn't running properly has corrected itself before I isolate the problem.

Or, like tonight, I'm struck by a sudden bolt of realization. See, my husband recently had eye surgery. He now only needs reading glasses. But at the computer, he sets the type nice and big so that he can read it. I can even read it from across the room which makes reading over his shoulder all the easier and less intrusive.

And now you know the problem. And how slow I can be that it took me two days to figure that out. My only defense is that the type wasn't set as big as he normally sets it. Either he was using his reading glasses last time he used the computer, or he made an attempt at resetting the type for me.

Good thing I didn't go into the template and start fiddling with the code.