A reunion
Yesterday, Bug got a package.

She was full of ideas for what it could be. A new dress? A toy? A book? I was amused that she didn't connect the package to her conversation with grandma on Tuesday, but carefully cut the tape for her.

Here is where I made a big mistake. I knew what was in the package and I did not have the video camera ready. Maybe just as well, or your ear drums may have burst. Boy can that girl squeal. She squealed and leaped and danced and delighted.

Here is a rather subdued version after I thought about it.

See how protective my Bug is of pony now that she has her back? She won't even let anyone else give pony a hug.
Now she is sitting on the couch eating marshmallow cereal with little Pony tucked under her arm. Pony even went to the lake yesterday, although Bug did see the wisdom in having her stay in the car rather than accompanying her down to the beach. My Bug is a very happy girl!

Bug says:
Thank you, Grandma! Pony is happy now!
Pony has been gone a long time, but it is nice to have her back.