Six and a half inches
While not exactly a natural disaster as some commenters termed it, I would just like to announce that the official rain total for our storm I wrote about the other day was six and on half inches.

Can you believe it? Six and one half inches in like an hour! No wonder our yard now has small deltas of mulch which was relocated from the back garden to the opposite side yard, the front yard and even our neighbor's yard.

That is a lot of rain.

I'm glad yesterday's predicted rain did not come. Sunny all day for two days and I feel like we're drying out. My plants may have survived. We are supposed to get more rain through the weekend, but nothing like the other night. Just normal spring stuff. Those light rains that cool things off and refresh the earth with its moisture.

Not that the moisture is really needed at the moment, but most of my garden is in good shape. No wonder you can always tell a farmer by the way he watches the weather. On the brink of world peace or world war, it doesn't matter. Bedtime is when the weather report finishes. Who cares what the next story is?