To the horsies
This afternoon, I left Bug waiting for her turn on the swing to walk over to see the horses with Bear. Half way across the field, I heard the tell tale sign of a two year old who had changed her mind.
Mommy! Wait for me!
I turned around to a scene I wanted to etch in my memory. One of those brief moments you do not want to lose. Her face shone with the pure joy of a two year old running free in a field. Her eyes sparkled. Her yellow curls bounced. She flapped her arms, accentuating her toddler run. Her exuberant giggle rang out across a field just beginning to green...and all against the backdrop of a clear, blue sky.

It was picture perfect and I had no camera. Only a moment to etch in my memory before she slipped her little hand in mine to go see the "horsies."