Mama's boy
Bear came into my room this afternoon sporting one of his father's shirts.
I'm daddy.
He announced in a deep voice.
When I'm a daddy, you'll have to move away and daddy can live in the snow.
There goes our retirement plan.
No sweetheart. When you grow up, you will move away and get married. Then you will have babies and bring them back for me to play with.
I'm hoping early indoctrination works in these matters.
I'll let you babysit when I have to work and its far away.

Great! And maybe when you want to take your wife out to dinner and see a movie?
He looked at me quizzically.
No, you silly. I'll bring you with me of course.
Well of course. I couldn't help but laugh as I told him what a thoughtful young man he was. I think he left the room thinking what a nincompoop I was for imagining he would go to dinner without me. Can you imagine what his wife would think?