Handmade goodness
This Christmas was a very electric Christmas, necessitating the purchase of several sets of rechargeable batteries to keep the new favorite playthings going. Bear got a remote control 'Mater, Bug got a doll that does just about everything and even little L. E. Fant got a talking puppy dog. Only Mouse received something 100% fueled by imagination: an art set with an easel. The grandparents, who were responsible for all the new favorite possessions , were pleased.

Our electric bill? Not so.

Bug is quite the attentive mom. She sits by me and cares for this little baby as if it were, well, a baby. She even nurses her.

But check out the bag.

That is no store bought diaper bag. That is a genuine, mom-made present, crocheted on the couch while holding a sick infant.

And Bug did not leave my side the entire time I was working on it. It is her diaper bag. And this is her commentary:
My diaper bag?! My diaper bag?! You make me a diaper bag?! My mommy nice!
Aah, the sweet sound of a child's undying adoration and appreciation. And not even for the coolest baby doll she has ever or likely will ever see, but for the diaper bag, handmade from scraps of yarn.

It is almost as cool as pockets. But that might be fodder for another post.