It is nice to have a toilet
Unfortunately, toilet training readiness brings with it a fascination with all things toilet. Which I have traced as the root cause behind a rather desperate phone call to my mother because it really makes no sense otherwise.

Mom, do you have any great ideas for defrosting car doors? 'Cause pouring warm water isn't helping. It starts to work, but by the time I refill my pitcher and return, the water I poured last time has frozen again.

Why are you doing that?

Because the car is totally encased in ice two inches thick. And we're going to the children's museum.

Why on earth are you going to the children's museum when your car is encased in ice?

Well, the toilet is clogged and the plunger isn't working and I strongly suspect it is because Bug tried to flush a carrot last night and we have been without a toilet all night and John will not be home until late tonight and I really need to use the restroom.
My mom began laughing when I got to the carrot. And kept laughing. And suggested a bucket. Not to de-ice, but to, well, to replace the toilet.

But my stubbornness prevailed. And I did get our car out. And we did spend the day at the children's museum. And my husband did not get back late at night as expected but late the following day! But that little adventure I shall share tomorrow.

I will say, however, that it is really nice to have a toilet. I hope you never have to know just how nice it is.