Simple Pleasures
I hereby interrupt all this sentimental, homesick-for-Australia posting of late for something cool.

Due to a bad experience early in my blogging life where I inadvertently allowed my daughter to (unknowingly) name her blog after an international that kind of star, I learned to occasionally google the names of my blogs.

And searching for "simple pleasures" revealed this little gem: Simple Pleasures, a comprehensive guide to the simple pleasures in life. It is a sort of community project to document these fleeting moments which bring joy to our hearts. Too much of it is about all that mushy teenage first date kind of thing for my taste, so I'm making up my own list. Imitation is the best flattery, right? I have to think of some things to start off my list and I'll put it in my sidebar.

You are welcome to add your thoughts for inclusion...but none of that mushy stuff. Besides, some of that goes a little beyond mere simple pleasure and thus is outside the scope of this list.