Blogging with my husband
Getting started:
Are you ready to start on your entry?

What entry?

The one for Simple Pleasures.

Why do you think I'm posting on that?

Because you said you would.

I never said that.

I believe your exact words were, "Ok. We can work on it tomorrow evening."

Oh, that.

Yes, that.
Setting up the account:
Do I have to sign up with Skynet?

What are you talking about?

The computers from Terminator. They are taking over the world you know. It starts with Google.

Well, you may as well be on their side then.

Ok. How do I sign in.
Long pause. I finally come over to see what is taking so long and he is just typing and retyping passwords.
Are you having trouble?

Yeah. My password is strong. How do I get it super strong?
I roll my eyes, thinking "men."

I do think I need a way to make it clearer whether Dana or Four 'n Twenty is posting, but for the time being, those of you who have hung out here for awhile may note the rather drastic difference in writing styles.

If you missed his blogging debut, it is here.