The joys and reflections of parenthood
April of Question the Culture recently posted a little story about her Gigglemeister that exemplifies the joys and challenges of parenting toddlers. It also reminds me of a recent conversation with my own two year old:
Bug (crying): I have an owie.
Me (hugging her): Oh, sweetie. I wish I could take it away.
Bug (stops crying): No! My owie!
And thus begins the awareness of self as the young child begins to strive for independence from his parents. It is an exciting time, even if a bit frustrating at times.

Sometimes, it reminds me of my own relationship with God, striving to have my own way, no matter how little sense it makes.
No! My sin.
I do not always want to give them up, no matter how much they hurt. Parenthood seems to be an endless metaphor for the Christian life. Growing and striving, desiring to "grow up" but insisting on my own terms. My children have taught me a lot.

Especially how to keep a straight face while choking back a laugh.