Imagine a world without religion
The Freedom From Religion Foundation is one organization that is perfectly clear in how it would change the US Constitution if given the chance. And they are taking their message on the road through a campaign to "place freethought billboards around the country, wherever an irreverent billboard is needed -- which is practically everywhere!" Like this one, standing just off the west Beltline in Madison, Wisconsin.

If I did not know what they meant by that, I might tend to agree. Religion and dogma are not the same thing. And freethought and dogma are not necessarily opposites. A smaller billboard to go up in a place where it will be passed by nearly everyone leaving the airport in Madison will read, "Imagine No Religion."

Imagine a world with no religion. Dawkins has. And he is bringing his campaign to the United States in order to realize it.
I would free children from being indoctrinated with the religion of their parents or their community. The Guardian
To what lengths are we willing to go to free society of this "virus of the mind?" Billboards and foundations do not bother me, but the absolute intolerance for the beliefs of others does. I suspect that in the near future, we may long for the days when moral relativism was the dominant philosophy. But we are moving into a "new age" where there is an "absolute truth" and that absolute truth has no room for the religious.

Imagine a world without religion. The Khmer Rouge did. North Korea has. Yes, there has been violence in the name of religion, but there has been extreme violence and widespread genocide in the name of eradicating it, as well. Am I saying that Dawkins would be a willing part in such a thing? Or even that this is an imminent threat? Certainly not. But I am reminded of the words of Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl writes in The Doctor and the Soul,
I am absolutely convinced that the gas chambers of Auschwitz, Treblinka, and Maidanek were ultimately prepared not in some ministry or other in Berlin, but rather at the desks and in the lecture halls of nihilistic scientists and philosophers.
Ideas have consequences.

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