Popularity for later school starts gaining
I am not sure if this is a case of bad writing, or school board members who just don't "get it:"
Pressure from parents and the tourism industry has pushed 11 states to limit how early school may begin, rankling school boards that want local control and more time to prepare students for state-mandated tests. USA Today
How much more "local" can the control get than parents pressuring districts to start school later? But since the districts would not listen, they took their political pressure to the state. A little underhanded, I guess. At least the school boards do not seem to appreciate it.
"You need to allow local school boards discretion on local matters," says Tom Gentzel, executive director of the Pennsylvania School Boards Association. "We don't think the state should dictate, especially on a matter like this." Ibid.
In theory, I am inclined to agree with that sentiment. Except that even the local school board should not have the authority to change start dates if the majority of parents in the district do not want the change.

In 1988, 51% of schools started before September 1st. Last year, 75% did. I think pretty soon, Carson-Deollosa and other similar companies targeting the school market are going to have to redesign their "Back to School" decorations. All the fall colors are really not relevant anymore.