Long distance fathering and other stuff
I am working on an article about involving fathers in the homeschool who are not around as much as they might like. If any of you have personal experience with this situation, I would love to talk to you a little about it. Please email me at gottsegnetATyahooDOTcom!

The All Women Blogging Carnival is up over at SultanaBlog.
The Carnival of Family Life is also up.

I also decided to see if I could figure out the whole del.icio.us thing again. I signed up a very long time ago, added two things and have not been back since. I cannot figure out how to find anybody, however. If any of you are on del.icio.us, I am gottsegnet. I think I like it now that I figured it out (other than the finding people part!).

And thanks, Mamablogga! I'm speechless, which is a rarity for me.

At number 18 and I did NOT rig the selection process.