Feed issues
Update: My feed appears to be back from vacation, so welcome back to those of you who rely on my old feed! Regarding that mess of posts that just popped up in your account...IT IS NOT MY FAULT! I don't know what happened, but I am glad to have you back.

Since most of you read the feed that is autodetected, most of you probably won't read this since it stopped working. Or maybe it went on vacation and is enjoying the fresh mountain air of Colorado. At any rate, I have no clue what is wrong. The only thing I know to do is unsubscribe and resubscribe to this feed which is working:


If anyone else knows why the feed would have neglected to update for several days, please let me know. I wonder if it effects other blogger blogs or if it is just me?

If you do not know what I am talking about, a "feed" or "rss feed" (real simple syndication) is a convenient means of reading many blogs quickly. Using a reader such as Bloglines or Google Reader, you can subscribe to multiple blogs and have their content delivered to one central location. Most will detect the feed by entering the url or clicking on the subscriber button found on many blogs (autodetect). I need to change my settings so that this will give you my working feed, but that involves editing my template.

Bloglines is nice in that it loads all the blogs on a single page. It is a bit slow while it pulls the feeds, but you can make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, and come back to read what you want. When I started reading more than a few feeds, however, I had a hard time with this. First, it took forever to load and second, my index finger got tired of scrolling.

Google Reader organizes your feeds into folders (well, you do this, but do take the time!) You click on a folder and get the headlines from everything in that folder along with the first line. Click on the headline and you get the full feed. Click on it again, and you go to the site. If you read a lot of blogs, or use your feed reader to keep up with news as well (as I do), I think Google Reader is better. It involves a little more clicking than Bloglines, but you do not have to scroll through a gazillion entries, either.

I do not really know what else is out there. What do you use?