Carnival up and seeking submissions
The Godly Family Carnival is up over at Weekend Kindness. Get dive-bombed by a red-tailed hawk, muse about children playing Sunday School, discuss giving to the poor when they refuse to work and more!

Also, with everything else going on I almost forgot that my own Carnival of Principled Government goes up Monday. Ahem. So I know that here at the last minute you are going to come up with a stellar post and send it in, right? Otherwise, we are looking at three posts, I think. Here is the vision for the Carnival of Principled Government. And here is the carnival submit form.

If any of you receive Homeschool Enrichment, I know you want to turn to page 38 and read A Vision for the Family, Homeschoolers advancing the cause of Christ in South Korea. I think this has been one of my favorite articles to work on so far. Talking to the people involved in the ministry was so inspiring to me, and it really left me reflecting on the concept of family and developing a purpose for the family.