Welcome to Principled Discovery's Blogger's Award Banquet
Now that our homeschool has a name, a tagline and perhaps even a school song, it is only fitting to accept the various awards and accolades Principled Discovery has accumulated in recent months.

And because it is highly unlikely that you are surfing the internet in formal attire, and pajamas just would not be appropriate in this type of highbrow event, you may picture you and your beloved in this as you applaud the efforts of these fine bloggers.

It is with great honor that Principled Discovery accepts the following awards and with the strictest of blogging standards that I pass them along. You can trust that these are the very best blogs that happened to come to mind at midnight as I began typing this.

From For the Generation to Come and Diary of 1, comes the prestigious Thinking Blogger Award.Earning the honor of displaying this badge in their sidebar and passing it along to five blogs of their choice are:
1. Classical School Blog. Thoughtful, inspirational...and in need of prayer.

2. Gates of Vienna. One of the most thought-filled blogs I have thus far come across.

3. Little Homeschool on the Prairie. Anyone who relates Maud'Dib to homeschooling deserves some sort of an award.

4. Marcy's Musings. A bit of news, a bit of commentary and a bit of herself in almost every post.

5. Maverick Philosopher. A new read for me, but enjoyable in a brain twisting sort of way.
From Lothlorien, Seeking Rest in the Ancient Paths, and For such a Time as Now, comes the much coveted Reflective Blogger Award.

In respect of their reflective posts, this honor shall be further conferred upon the following, also with the privilege of displaying their badge and honoring some of the blogs they read:
1. Higher Up and Further In. As the name suggests, a bit of reflection is required for the journey.

2. Life Nurturing Education. Renae is relatively new to blogging, but has hit the internet with both hands typing. Even her url says, "reflective."

3. Question the Culture. Reflecting on and challenging our culture, when time permits.

4. Shanan Trail. I have been reading Julie's blog for almost two years, now, I think, and the well never dries.

5. Shepherd's Fold. A beautifully written blog by someone who is as comfortable in real life as she is online. She doesn't update very often, so just subscribe to her feed so you do not miss any of her thought provoking posts.
Not only thoughtful and reflective, Principled Discovery is apparently also "Rockin." I therefore gratefully accept the Rockin' Girl Blogger, and I expect raucous cheering from my otherwise quietly reflective audience.
For their energy, enthusiasm and general verve, this glamorous title shall be shared with the following:
1. After a Cup of Coffee...or Two. OK, so I'm not the first to give this to her. But I haven't exactly bothered to check on the others and I'm not about to start now.

2. Classical Bookworm. Old books rock. And they do it for centuries. Katrina and the Waves only managed it for a couple of weeks.

3. It Coulda' Been Worse. Whether she's rockin' or rockin' you with laughter, she is always worth the visit.

4. My Education Junction. A great site for some quick ideas to share with your kids. But mostly she left me a really sweet comment recently and that really rocks. (Unfortunately, at the time of posting, her site appears to be down. I hope that gets fixed! All better now!)

5. Sob'ah My Soul. Sob'ah means to have enough, be filled, be fully satisfied. And that really rocks.
The meme world's equivalent to the Nobel Peace Prize comes the Nice Matters Award from T.F. Stern's Rantings.

Anyone caught out standing in their field may be a just candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize, but for the Nice Matters Award, I think the shoe has to fit. The following five receive the honor of the shoe, the badge and the privilege of tagging their friends:
1. Contentment Acres. Content people do tend to be rather nice. And the philosophy is shared beautifully on her blog.

2. Fernnook Farmgirl. She'll need to take her shoes off before chasing her goats around, but I think anyone living in Mayberry qualifies.

3. Just Enjoy the Journey. Lindsey seems to be one of the most down-to-earth people I know on the internet and one of the many I would like to meet some day.

4. Redbud's Lane. Sherry just seems like she is the type of person I'd love to have drop in for tea. And it helps that the award would match the general style of many of the pictures she shares.

5. Sunnydazy Days. Nodding and laughing in the sunshine? Sounds like a nice way to spend any day.
Because we here at Principled Discovery are committed to improving the world by convincing it that we are right, Consent of the Governed graciously presented us with the Blogger for Positive Global Change Award. Somehow, the name seems to imply another purpose, and I am afraid we have hi-jacked someone's award, but no matter.

Others equally committed to a general worldview of limited government and personal liberty include the following prestigious bloggers:
1. Combs Spouts Off. He may be spouting off, but in a good way.

2. Grizzly Mama. I am quite thankful we are on the same side. And that is all I have to say about that.

3. Hillbilly White Trash. Promoting liberty from a trailer park isn't easy.

4. Ogre's Politics and Views. Even ogres have a voice for liberty.

5. Pursuing Holiness. Because if we were all a little more holy, the world would be a better place.
A very special thanks to all those who saw this little blog worthy of such distinguished honors and to the many deserving blogs mentioned and to the many deserving blogs left unnamed. Please enjoy the refreshments and feel free to mingle in the comment boxes of all the fine blogs honored today.