Britney Spears on parenting and dental hygiene
I never would have thought Britney Spears would make it onto my blog, but I cannot help but wonder what is wrong with our society when I glance at the headlines of the tabloids in the grocery store. That America has a voyeuristic fascination with the off-stage drama of our stars is not so interesting. But the headlines Spears made in Star Magazine is rather disturbing (from memory, emphasis added):
Britney Spears tells boys, "You were a mistake!" Makes out with guys in front of them, refuses to change their diapers, uses whitening strips on her teeth & more!
That Spears appears to be an unfit mother has been made painfully clear for all the world to see. But OH MY GOSH! She uses whitening strips? The horror! I wonder what that will be worth on eBay?

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