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After deciding that I would indeed continue homeschooling past kindergarten, I began searching for curriculum. My husband wanted something classical. I was leaning toward Charlotte Mason. We both wanted something that was biblical. That is how I first came across the Biblical Principle Approach (BPA). It is not really a curriculum, per se. There are no text books, no workbooks and until recently no lesson plans. It is a more a method for "renewing the mind" in education and for giving you the confidence to teach your children accordingly.

Because I have never really found a satisfactory way of describing what BPA is in any sort of brevity, I will borrow PrincipledMom's (my blog mom!) description:
BPA is short for Biblical Principle Approach, a method of Biblical reasoning that places the Word of God at the center of every subject.
  • It is a governmental way of thinking, that is: who or what is controlling, directing, regulating or restraining?
  • It is a lifestyle of scholarship and Christian character.
  • It is a Biblical method of education, similar in execution to the Hebraic model.
  • It develops young men and women who are able to reason from God's Word for themselves.
  • It is distinctive in its commitment to American Christian education.
  • It highlights His Story, a recognition of Providential history. Principium
Its focus on foundations particularly attracted me. We set foundations for each subject area and for our lives.

But what does all that look like? I invite you to take a look in our home on a good day, when I had things planned, knew what I wanted to accomplish and everything was working.

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