Opportunity for Christian homeschooled youth
I received this email from Family Mission International regarding Homeschool Friend, an English language learning program for Korean students. For those of you unfamiliar with this ministry, it is a Christian missionary organization focusing on family discipleship. Homeschooling is a large part of what they do. Right now, they are looking for junior tutors, to begin August 6th. It will be last minute, obviously, so hurry if you are interested. There may be more opportunities opening next semester, as well.

Experience Becoming An English Language Tutor With Homeschool Friend

Who We Are

Homeschool Friend is an online real-time English language learning program seeking to make a difference. Our program uses a character-based homeschool curriculum, and encourages friendships to develop between homeschooled Christians living in North America and those living in South Korea. Through our program, we hope to disciple a new generation of Korean homeschool students. Ultimately, our goal is to equip laborers for the needs of world missions.

The Language Program We Offer

Our program is designed for the tutor to instruct 4-5 students simultaneously during each lesson. Each complete lesson is 50 minutes in length for the Korean student, but it is divided into two separate sessions each taught by a different tutor. The first session is 30 minutes and is taught by the Senior Curriculum Tutor. The second session is 20 minutes and is taught by the Junior Conversation Tutor. Lessons are taught 4 days a week for a 16-week period, which completes the program and the tutor's commitment. Thereafter, the tutor may commit to teach another 16-week program. As well, the tutor may choose to teach multiple lesson sessions in each of the 16-week programs, as they are offered by Homeschool Friend.

Who We Are Looking For

  • Tutors must be native English speakers able to patiently communicate with South Korean homeschool students who speak very little English.
  • To apply for the Senior Curriculum Tutor you must be at least a second-year College student and approximately 18-30 years old. You will be responsible for teaching the core content of the curriculum – vocabulary, grammar, conversation and writing - in a 30-minute lesson each day, 4 days a week for 16 weeks.
  • To apply for the Junior Conversation Tutor position, you need to be approximately 14-18 years old. You will focus on developing the student’s conversational skills through the review of previously taught lessons and friendly general conversation. You will be teaching a 20-minute lesson each day, 4 days a week for 16 weeks.

Class Times

  • Because this class is taught online in real time to students living in South Korea, you will need to have access to a computer with audio/video capabilities and a high speed internet connection.
  • The following schedule is when the tutors must be available to instruct, according to their respective time zones. All tutors must carefully consider this and provide their available teaching times upon submitting an application. If your time zone is not listed, simply list it and your available tutoring times when applying.
    • West Coast Tutors instruct from 3-10PM which is 7AM-2PM Korean Time.
    • Central Tutors instruct from 5-10PM which is 7AM-12PM Korean Time.
    • East Coast Tutors instruct from 5-10AM which is 6-11PM Korean Time.

What We Offer To Tutors

For all of our Tutors, Homeschool Friend provides a downloadable training program specifically designed for us by a certified TESOL teacher-trainer, on “How to Teach English as a Foreign Language.” A $50 USD fee will be charged for this course, which should be considered an investment in your education and life skills.

  • Senior Curriculum Tutor wages, depending upon experience and qualifications are:

Level 1 is $9 – 11/hr. Level 2 is $11.50 – 14/hr. Level 3 is $14.50 – 17/hr.

  • Junior Conversation Tutor wages, depending upon experience and qualifications are:

Level 1 is $3 – 4/hr. Level 2 is $4 – 5/hr. Level 3 is $5 – 6/hr.

Consider how your service with Homeschool Friend will enhance your future resume. You will be receiving practical training and real world experience as you tutor international students. More importantly, you will participating in discipling a new generation of Korean homeschool students. Interested students should fill out the Homeschool Friend English Language Tutor Application Form and email it along with your resume to emily#at#soundingjoy#dot#com, attention Emily White.

I am fairly certain that Emily would send you the application form, but I also have it. I don't have a means of uploading it, but would be glad to forward it to you. Good luck!

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