Dumbledore for mayor
Sitting in the car today, I heard an interesting bit of news on AM 1240. Mayor Beutler of Lincoln, Nebraska was comparing Lincoln's budget to the Deathly Hallows. And he asked for the wisdom of Dumbledore in dealing with it. I couldn't help but wonder how much our capital city has slid since its leaders have resorted to referencing fictional children's books to make a point.

If the foundations be destroyed, Dumbledore enters local politics.

Donning a pair of thick rimmed glasses and asking if he looked authentic, he opened a press conference Thursday by saying he would make no predictions about what would happen in the book. Can politics get any more bizarre?

I felt like I had entered the twilight zone. I was listening to someone who was but a caricature of himself. Trying to tag your political support on to the success of a book seemed a tad desperate.

And that was the essence of the whole affair. Mayor Beutler was stepping into his own caricature. Not receiving the Lincoln Journal Star, I was not privy to this very important background:


You would think that the mayor had more important things to do than combat the image that he doesn't know who Harry Potter is. Such knowledge is hardly a prerequisite for public service.

But as the mayor says,
The greatest quality of us muggles is that we always muggle through.
I guess. But I would like my leaders to do a bit more than just "muggle through." And reach for foundations set a bit deeper than what can be found in the juvenile section of my local library.

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