Carnival of homeschooling seeking submissions
I will be hosting the next Carnival of Homeschooling right here at Principled Discovery.

What is a carnival? Why should I participate? Some answers are available here.

How do I participate? Well, there are some instructions in that link, but essentially just write or select a post which you would like to share with the broader homeschooling community. Then send me the link. You may email it to me directly, or use the carnival submit form at blogcarnival. If you choose to email it directly, make sure it has a recognizable subject, like "carnival of homeschooling."

If it says something like, "Hey Dana!" or "Check this out" or "New site submission" it will likely get deleted and never read. I have a lot of spam in that account!

And please feel free to let your readers know I am seeking submissions! If only my regular readers and a few dedicated carnival participants submit, it won't be so very interesting.