The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible, or an economics primer
With an introduction reminiscent of Gulliver's Travels, I was introduced to an absurd little island yesterday:
Welcome to another exciting adventure of Jonathan Gullible. As you may recall, we last left Jonathan Gullible on a remote Pacific Island after his boat was blown far off course by a terrific storm...
Eager to learn about the inhabitants of this island, Jonathan questions the natives about their seemingly bizarre customs. But are they so bizarre?

When the tortoise challenges the hare to a little competition to see who can gain the most customers in a week, it seems like an easy win for the energetic, efficient and friendly hare. The tortoise wins, but not because the hare decides to sleep on the job. On the contrary, the hare does double duty and reports to the court house to find that the tortoise has won by delivering only one letter.
Well, everyone knows that the letter was from the Council of Lords, granting the tortoise a legal monopoly over the delivery of all letters. So you see, the tortoise won all the customers by official decree.
Check out this and other exciting adventures from the author of The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible, A Free Market Odyssey, a book which Milton Friedman praised saying,
It certainly presents basic economic principles in a very simple and intelligible form. It is an imaginative and very useful piece of work.

Update: These are obviously libertarian. While I am libertarian-leaning, I disagree with libertarians on a few issues. A couple of these issues are represented in these radio shorts so you might want to listen to them before sharing them with your children (drugs and pornography). I generally assume people would, but then I have started a video or sound file on a site before and found myself quickly turning off the sound because children walked in!

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