This and that
First off, I have found a social bookmarking site that I enjoy. I have played around with several and finally decided that they just aren't for me. I like the idea of Blogg Buzz, and I hope it takes off because I think it could be a nice place to check for stories, but so far I haven't found much there that has caught my interest.

Sk*rt, on the other hand, is meant for women. And I have very much enjoyed surfing through the links. So this is my official recommendation. And should you sign up, let me know what your id is so I can add you to my friends list. Mine is gottsegnet. Who ever would have guessed?

The Carnival of Homeschooling is up, with minor surgery involved.

So is the Carnival of Family Life.

Iif I had your link in my sidebar before redesigning my template and do not have it there now, please let me know. Don't feel weird like you are asking for a link. You seriously will be helping me out.

And if I didn't have it before and you want to ask for a link, that's fine, too. I'm not stingy with links...just forgetful.

GackInk is accepting submissions for blogs to be added to their growing community. I joined last month and have been enjoying it. They are a wonderful group of people over there. I have definitely learned one thing: Problogger is not a place I should hang out. My personality is such that when I start something, I like to do the absolute best I can. But I have a life outside in the real world and that place is not conducive to me being content to just enjoy my little corner of the internet.

Oh, and somebody was kind enough to nominate me for "Best Education Blog" over at Blogger's Choice Awards. I don't know why I always feel weird about announcing this stuff, but here is the link should you feel like perusing the list and voting for someone.