My Mouse earned her brown belt!
Last month, I mentioned how my daughter had shown such diligence in her karate that she amazed me. Here she is accepting her honor for all her hard work:

My baby is a brown belt. And moving into a new phase in her class. She is now a teacher as well, with the responsibility of assisting in the class. She is a leader by nature and sometimes it is difficult to teach her the difference between good leadership and dictatorship.

Right now, however, I am very proud of her. It is a wonderful feeling to see her apply herself so diligently and to accomplish a goal she has set for herself. It isn't like we really did anything other than take her to class. We didn't even have to remind her to practice.

She is reaping the fruits of her labors, and it gives me hope that she will continue with such determination and integrity in the tasks she undertakes as she grows up.

Sweet success...and it is all hers.