A few carnivals and a few questions
I wish I were allowed to click on my google ads there in the sidebar. But I'd hate to get into trouble with terms of service agreements. It's just that after my last post on No Child Left Behind, one of the ads promised me 131 tips for making my Annual Yearly Progress for NCLB. I think that is just what our homeschool needs.

A few carnivals:

Carnival of Homeschooling
School Politics
Simply Delightful
Carnival of Family Life

For those of you who periodically visit carnivals, I have a few questions. Just to satisfy my curiosity, really:
  1. Which are your favorites?
  2. Which formats do you prefer? (Themed, list of links, etc.)
  3. What do you think is the ideal number of links to include in a carnival?
  4. How many entries do you read, on average, when you visit a carnival?
Hopefully my answers won't bias yours, but here are my thoughts, because it is only fair.
  1. I like the Carnival of Homeschooling best, as a reader, host and contributor. Maybe because I'm a homeschooler?
  2. I like when the host takes time to come up with a theme, particularly if it is one suited to their blog.
  3. I like there to be a number of links. Less than ten goes quickly, but that isn't always enough to find something really thought-provoking or useful to me. More than 30 gets overwhelming for me, and I tend to not read very many.
  4. It depends. If the carnival is in the 20-30 entries range, I will open them all in a separate tab. I don't really read them all, but I skim them.