Comment and Linking Policy
I've resisted coming up with one of these things for some time because I do not like the idea of actually trying to uniformly apply any policy I come up with. But the more I read around, the more I think it might be a good idea to let my readers know what my actual policies are. I've had them all along, but now they shall be public.


I love my commenters. Whether you agree with me or not, so long as you keep it civil I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read and comment on what I've written.

Views expressed by commenters are theirs and theirs alone. Leaving a comment stand, even if it is never addressed, does not mean that I agree, support or condone what the commenter said.

Three things will get your comments deleted:
  1. Spam
  2. Cursing
  3. This stuff. It was amusing the first time, but I really am getting tired of deleting it.
Also, please be respectful of copyright. It only takes a moment to add the link or reference. That reference brings with it a little more validity to the comment, anyway, and saves it from being deleted for plagiarism.


I love links. They are one of the highest compliments in blogging. Don't feel like you need to ask me if you can link to me, but feel free to let me know you did. Blogger doesn't allow trackbacks, but I'm happy to have links to related discussions in the comment section. Sometimes I even update the post to include them.

Regarding my links: reader beware. I don't know that there is any other practical link policy. I have no control over the content or inclusion of blogs on blogrolls I have joined and placed in my sidebar. From my experience, hardly anyone really uses them anyway, but should you surf through one and find something offensive, feel free to email me. I can always notify the blogroll's owner.