Carnival of Principled Government seeking submissions
The Carnival of Principled Government is seeking submissions. The goal of this carnival is to uphold our founder's vision of limited, representational government. Posts can be historical, philosophical, political or personal. Entries need not be current so long as they have not been submitted to the carnival before. Feel free to let your readers know about the carnival as well. It makes the carnival a bit more interesting when the submissions aren't just from my readers, those I personally invite and people who happen to stumble across the link over at blogcarnival.

You can check out the general vision and archives here.

And the handy-dandy submit form is here.

Also, if you like memes, Anthony finally has posted the meme carnival. There you can find out lots of random tidbits of information about people you've never met and learn how to create your own digital Pollocks.

My kids are outside chasing each other with their brand new squirt guns. I think perhaps I should go join them.