A round up of stories and posts which have caught my eye, although I have little time to deal with any of it.

All I have to say is that education is not an investment, nor a method of crime control. Leastwise public education. Nor does lack of funding equate with governmental neglect. Sorry, Kara, but I don't want state, funding...of my homeschool.

No one cheats in Houston Public Schools. I'm not sure which is less believable: that statement or that school officials would actually make it.

Have a tip or article you would like to share?'s Beverly Hernandez is accepting submissions.

A little behind on this one, but just in case you don't know what is going on in Connecticut.

If you are homeschooling a child with ADD/ADHD, those who brought us The Homeschool Radio Show are asking if you would mind filling out a brief survey. (Thanks, Christine.)

A libertarian site strongly suggests that homeschooling for religious reasons is to be equated with child neglect. I always thought libertarianism was about defending life, liberty and property, not thought control, but maybe that is just me. I personally am much more disturbed by the ability of the state to take action against a family for a curriculum choice than I am of a family teaching things with which I disagree.

Maybe they would agree with this initiative which recognizes the shared responsibility between the parent and the state in raising children. After all, how can we ensure we all think the same?

Not homeschool-related, but what is up with China? First pet food and now tooth paste? And eye drops, Viagra and cholesterol reducing medications? Thankfully, not all of the tainted products have hit US markets and a lot of it never leaves China, but I'd start checking those "made in" labels carefully. And I've always worried about those "distributed by..." labels with no other information about the country of origin. Zheng Xiaoyu, China's former Food and Drug Administration's director, may have received the death penalty, but do you feel any safer ingesting Chinese goods?

While double checking that this title had no more cultural baggage than a 1996 British film of a similar title might have given it, I found an interesting tidbit of information:
Ground-breaking British film. After its premiere in 1996 was the subject of a demonstration by 83 people in amoraks, who complained bitterly that they hadn't seen any trains. The following year, in an act of revenge, the disgruntled 83 financed "Mainlining," a film about the 8.26 train from Londong Euston to Manchester Piccadilly. They then arranged a sneak preview of the film after distributing the free tickets to 2000 druggies...
Unfortunately, only this snippet survives of the original story, but I like those people. A lot. Spunk and creativity. Oh, and people in the industry don't call them "trainspotters." They call them "foamers."

And now back to what I am supposed to be working on. Any thoughts on how the church can better support the family?