About me
I am a Christian, wife and mother of four, aged 9, 5, 3 and 18 months. Sometimes, I get a little too caught up in trying to "get things done" to remember to enjoy the little moments all around me. Here, I try to capture a few of those moments in the closest thing to a scrapbook I am likely to ever get.

Since this entire blog is about me, in away, I am having difficulty thinking of exactly what else anyone would like to know. So feel free to ask. Oh...this entry has been majorly edited so the comments probably do not make any sense. They will make more sense at that entry's new home over at Principled Discovery, my homeschooling blog.

So here I am. Someday, I will try to get one of me and Four n' Twenty together. I just noticed in the hundreds of pictures on our computer, not one of them features just the two of us. Seems rather like our life at the moment.