Every Parent's Nightmare
And stop crying wolf. I see so many forwarded emails about kidnapped children that inevitably turn out false, I hardly bother to look at them. Not that I am likely to ever see little Madeleine McCann seeing as she was abducted in Portugal. Still, what thrill can there possibly be in sending out false kidnapping reports to e-lists?

This little three year old really was abducted, right from her bedroom, while she was sleeping. Her parents were in a bar across the street, apparently within view of the apartment of the resort where they were staying, and reportedly checked on her and her two siblings every half hour or hour. (The reports appear conflicting).

I can't imagine what they are feeling. I don't know exactly why they chose not to use the resort's child care service. The last thing I want to do is condemn the family for something I am sure they are regretting terribly at the moment, but it is important to consider for anyone traveling. What you feel comfortable with at home is not always safe in other areas, even if you are staying in a well-respected resort. Blond hair, blue eyes, beautiful girl. Perfect profile for child trafficking. The fact that the two year old twins who were sleeping next to her were left indicates that she was possibly targeted for the abduction. Scary...but hopefully that means there is a greater chance of her being recovered.

Here is a map of the resort. The Tapas bar is where the parents were dining:

I have a hard time imagining feeling safe leaving three children aged three and younger that long. It was only 100 meters, but in a different building. But I don't live in a high class resort, either. I'm sure a measure of feeling safe goes along with it.

This little Q&A from Guardian left me with a question. They report:
The Portuguese police claim their judicial system makes it impossible to release information for fear of prejudicing any future case. However, Madeleine's family are known to be frustrated at the way the investigation is being handled. It was their decision to make the direct appeal to any kidnapper and to release details of what Madeleine was wearing - the police had not done so.
I know I have at least one former police officer who reads this blog, so maybe he has an answer. How on earth does releasing this kind of information prejudice a future case? What does that even mean? And if the kidnapper is found, does that not limit the possibility of a future case? Am I completely missing something?

And how can police spend 24 hours believing she had simply wandered off, and not at least go forth from the premise she had been abducted from the beginning?

Maybe I should just be glad I don't live in Portugal.

If you are interested in more information, CrimeBlog US is covering the story nicely and is providing regular updates. Also, a website has been set up for her here.

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