Enslaved by homeschooling
I'll just pass over the general disdain for anyone who may choose to homeschool for religious reasons, and the attempt to portray us as nothing but nutcases living in Fairytaleland, but I do have a question.

Is there nothing of value to the individual and to society that is unpaid? Is a woman's worth based on her paycheck? Is Ananda Roberts doing more than Andrea Peterson because of her paycheck? If not, then why am I somehow enslaved by my personal choice to remain at home? I could go into the economic benefits...the money not spent since I am home as well as the social cost of children raised in the state system.

But I refuse to be reduced to my economic potential. I'm not into Marxist materialism.
I honestly admire any woman who has the brains and energy to homeschool, make no mistake. But it’s frustrating to me that it goes without question so often that mothers are obligated to turn those brains and energy over to their children, keeping nothing for themselves, and not even getting that (meager) paycheck at the end of the day that professional teachers receive. Pandagon.net
Just to clarify. I wasn't obligated to do anything. I haven't sacrificed anything. I haven't given over my brains and energy to my children, keeping nothing for myself. And I don't miss the paycheck.

Women are more than child-bearers and "keepers of the home." We are also more than a paycheck. But that is substance for another post.

By the way, I am pursuing a concurrent dream of mine at the moment with a June 11 deadline. I doubt I'll be absent from blogging, but it'll be light. Also unpaid, but personally fulfilling.

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