Mildton Friedman on education
I've been enjoying listening to this while I surf, so I thought I'd share. It is lengthy (over an hour), but well worth it if you are weird like me.

My favorite line so far is his summary of the research that came out awhile back which suggested that public schools compare reasonably well to private schools when you account for the difference in income and culture of the students. Supposing this is true, he summarizes the research thus:
If somebody told you that you had two alternatives one of which was almost as good as the other, but cost twice as much...that's the kind of argument that you're now getting from the unions.
And the obligatory statement on homeschooling, just in case you haven't already heard it:
QUESTION: Dr. Friedman, my question has to do with home schooling. Is that large enough yet to qualify as competition for the public school system and do we learn anything from that?

ANSWER: We do learn from that. We learn from home schooling that there is a serious problem with our public schools. Do you know any other major advanced product that people make at home? ...
Hat Tip: Edpol

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