Blog Awards...nominations close Friday at Midnight
This is a bit late and I am terribly sorry. My only consolation is that I did link to it back when I hosted the carnival of homeschooling, but then I proceeded to completely forget about it. Entries are due Friday by Midnight (that is probably today by the time anyone reads this entry).

Nominate your favorite blogs for a variety of categories...there are a number of blogs on the list that I don't think I've read before, so am looking forward to checking them out. Voting begins Monday...but be sure to get your nominations in!

Hey...someone was kind enough to nominate me. Now I feel doubly special, after Christine awarded me the much coveted Thinking Blogger Award. I have to think of five people who make me think now...there are a few, but many of them already have been recognized. I'll have to come back to that later.

Who makes me think? Who makes you think?

(Right at this moment, my mind is more focused on the little bassinet in my bedroom, a drawer full of baby clothes and the adorable little size one diapers stacked in the hall closet. I don't think I've been thinking a whole lot recently...I'm at 38 weeks and anxiously looking forward to holding that little bundle whose name will not be Metallica, regardless of what Jodi thinks about it.)