Announcements...with one to follow next week
Clarification: There is nothing wrong that is causing the doctors to induce. I have gone two weeks overdue with each of my three children, resulting in induction twice before. My last two were also both over nine pounds. We decided that since induction is likely anyway, we may as well make it at a time convenient for all and not wait until there begins to be concerns about why labor isn't beginning and for the well-being of the baby.

Just a quick note, in case there is anyone out there who reads this blog often enough to notice.

I will be taking the weekend, the week or some other unspecified amount of time off. I'm scheduled to be induced Monday morning and my parents are coming up this weekend. I'll share pictures of our new little bundle upon my return! Thank you T.F. Stern for the lovely digital flowers. I'll post them here so that I can keep them and luckily they need no watering. Or I wouldn't have them very long!

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I do have an update on the Busekros case for those interested, but need to translate it. I will put that up if I get to it. It is now up. Nothing has changed in the case, but the letter is interesting just the same.

If you really have nothing else to do, check out Americana Phonic. There you can download some pretty good audio of some of our primary source documents. We've been listening to them a bit recently.