Republican support waning for NCLB
Once upon a time, not all that long ago, I was informed that the only way to get rid of the No Child Left Behind Act was to vote Democrat. The comment confused me. I realize that this is President Bush's signature law, but it is really only a continuation of President Clinton's School-to-Work Act. Now we do have a new house and senate. And they are under Democratic control. So what do we have?
To be sure, key lawmakers would like to reauthorize the law this year. Ranking Republicans on the House and Senate education committees are pushing for a renewal. And key Democrats, including Rep. George Miller (Calif.) and Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (Mass.), the chairmen of the House and Senate committees responsible for drafting an updated No Child Left Behind Act, are strong supporters, although they want large increases in funding and more emphasis on teacher training and development. Washington Post
But there is a little more wrong with this legislation than funding and teacher training. And throwing more money through a flawed system isn't going to help it any.

Those opposed? The following are the co-sponsors to the A-PLUS alternative to NCLB:

Senate: DeMint and Cornyn are sponsors; Kyl, Brownback and Martinez are co-sponsors.

Pete Hoekstra (R-MI)

Todd Akin (R-MO)

Michelle Bachmann (R-MN)

Gresham Barrett (R-SC)

Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD)

Rob Bishop (R-UT)

Marsha Blackburn (R-TN)

Roy Blunt (R-MO)

John Campbell (R-CA)

Chris Cannon (R-UT)

Eric Cantor (R-VA)

John Culberson (R-TX)

John Doolittle (R-CA)

Tom Feeney (R-FL)

Virginia Foxx (R-NC)

Trent Franks (R-AZ)

Jeff Flake (R-AZ)

Scott Garrett (R-NJ)

Wayne Gilchrest (R-MD)

Phil Gingrey (R-GA)

Louie Gohmert (R-TX)

Virgil Goode (R-VA)

Bob Goodlatte (R-VA)

Jeb Hensarling (R-TX)

Bob Inglis (R-SC)

Darrell Issa (R-CA)

Walter Jones (R-NC)

Jack Kingston (R-GA)

Ron Lewis (R-KY)

John Linder (R-GA)

Don Manzullo (R-IL)

Patrick McHenry (R-NC)

Jerry Moran (R-KS)

Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO)

Ron Paul (R-TX)

Mike Pence (R-IN)

Joe Pitts (R-PA)

Tom Price (R-GA)

Jim Ramstad (R-MN)

Rick Renzi (R-AZ)

Mike Rogers (R-MI)

Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA)

Bill Sali (R-ID)

James Sensenbrenner (R-WI)

John Shadegg (R-AZ)

Tom Tancredo (R-CO)

Mac Thornberry (R-TX)

Todd Tiahrt (R-KS)

Tim Walberg (R-MI)

Dave Weldon (R-FL)

Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA)

Joe Wilson (R-SC)

I have always thought the Republicans made a better opposition party. It is the only time they really band together and show anything like the principles the Republican Party is supposed to adhere to. (Just compare the party platforms of 1856 with that of 2004...the length alone is a cue that things have changed.)

I still have not been able to find the text of the actual A-PLUS act, but will as soon as it is available.

Thanks to Robert Bluey of the Heritage Foundation for forwarding the information!

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