Healthy again and a couple of interesting stories
I think two weeks of battling illness from family member after another has finally caught up with me. Instead of staying up to do my normal blogging, I have been sleeping. No intentional bloggy breaks here at the moment, although that seems to be a popular choice for lent this year. Or for other reasons. Everyone seems healthy at the moment so hopefully all will be back to normal here, as well.

A couple of stories I stumbled across:

A post card sent from the trenches of World War I arrives 92 years later. She must not have missed that love letter too much, because the couple married after the war and the post card was delivered to their daughter.

This story is sort of depressing for America's communities. If you can call them that. How can you be dead for a year and not have anyone notice? You would have thought at least the electric company would have noticed, but the television he was watching was still going.