Endangered Innocence
There are a few groups in the United States which actively work to lower the age of consent for the purpose of adult-child sexual relationships. They disseminate information on a variety of topics related to this topic, from how it is not a perversion to how to find a suitable child and what to do if you get caught. At one time, the main group had a paper by some psychologist linked on their website about how traditional views of sex were harmful to children. Instead, children needed to be encouraged to explore this aspect of their identity. (I got there some time ago by accident and am not planning on returning, and am certainly not linking).

These groups seem to be growing bolder. Perhaps it is because the ACLU has come to their defense...not for the behavior, of course. Just for the freedom to speak about it. So now we have this:
Senator Barack Obama has sicced his lawyers on a brazen pedophile who is handicapping the presidential race on his Web site based on how cute the candidates' daughters and granddaughters are - complete with pictures of the kids. New York Daily News
This particular person is voting for Edwards due to his "adorable" eight year old daughter.

What I find most repulsive is that, so far, it seems the only law broken was the use of copyrighted photos. And the knowledge of who it will be that goes to jail should my favorite hillbilly leave his trailer and take off with his commenters in pursuit. (Since this is a family friendly site, I feel I should probably warn you that there is one curse word in that entry).

How did we get to this point as a society that people feel safe maintaining websites dedicated to illegal activity which is harmful to the most vulnerable of our society? And how long will it be argued about before the behavior (not just the speech) is protected?

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