Carnivals, carnivals
The Carnival of Education has returned home to the Education Wonks. It is always a good carnival to read and usually has a few homeschoolers included. There are at least three this week, but I enjoy reading the perspectives of public educators. They have such a tough job and do not always get the respect they deserve. (I only have a problem with the system, as do a lot of public educators.) I haven't had time to read any of the entries this week, but may share an interesting find or two later, after I've read the entries.

The Christian Carnival is also up over at The Evangelical Ecologist. This carnival is also interesting because, although the submitters must be Christian, the entries can be about anything.

Don't forget to submit to the Carnival of Principled Government. You still have time (entries aren't due until March 15), but don't procrastinate too much. I've enjoyed the entries so far. They are very good and I will just have to bite my tongue and not leak them out before the 16th.

If you have never submitted to a blog carnival, they are a nice way to showcase a particular entry that you would like to share with a broader audience. It is also a nice way to read several perspectives from people interested in a similar topic. They don't typically bring a lot of traffic, but that depends on the carnival you are submitting to, how much effort the host puts in to promoting it, and how closely your entry fits the theme. (As well as what you define as "a lot of traffic.") I like participating in the discussion (and it is always fun when an entry gets selected by other bloggers to discuss, although they normally would never have read my submission if not for the carnival).