Carnival of Homeschoolig makes headlines!
It is time to head over to the Homeschool Cafe for an afternoon cup of coffee and some friendly conversation over a newspaper. Great headlines!

Enjoy this week's print edition, even if publication was delayed due to technical difficulties.

Dr. Homeslice is hosting the Carnival of Education.

There is also a free debt reduction seminar going on over at Money Smart Life, for anyone looking to improve their financial situation. Homeschooling can cost more than you'd think if you are not careful!

And in case that isn't enough reading for you, the Carnival of Family Life is also up over at Modern Sage Online.

New One...The Christian Carnival is also now up. Anything else going on?

Ok, you might need a couple of cups of coffee by the time you are through, but I give you permission. Unless you are expecting, of course. Then you can hang with me and the cocoa. Well, maybe we'll have just one cup of caffeine coffee. Why do I crave coffee and coke more when I'm pregnant? I don't drink enough to be of concern, but it is all I want when pregnant. Is it just because I know I shouldn't?

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