Homeschool vs. Public School
An interesting conversation looks to be developing between and Boundless. Tim posted his reasons for NOT homeschooling...well, an introduction, really. Ted responded with some thoughts about why he WILL be homeschooling.

Are homeschoolers too judgmental of those who choose other educational options for their children? This might be a phenomenon of the internet, where it is easy to leave comments one would never say in person. Of course, I'm within the homeschooling movement and therefore a little more sensitive to the constant questions about socialization and other comments directed at homeschoolers, even in line at the grocery store should one be out running errands during school hours. Judgmentalism is not unique to the homeschooling crowd. Nor to Christianity. I do wish, however, that some of our interactions were characterized more by love.

By the way, Ted also has his philosophy of education posted. I love reading these things. I know PrincipledMom has one. Does anyone else out there? Mine is posted in the sidebar, if you are curious. It isn't laid out as formally as Ted's, but the main points are there.

Sorry, Ted. I got it right at the end of the sentence. That's what I get for trying to do an entry after spending hours working at a computer. My brain gets fuzzy. All we need now is a Tom to join the discussion and I can really mess things up!

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