Interesting little poll
Surfing around late at night when I have a lot of better things to do (like sleep), I stumbled across this little poll on logo!, a German kid's site. At the moment, I cannot even view photos, let alone video, but there is what appears to be a neat little video on a homeschooling family in Germany and a little video with a representative from Schuzh (Schulunterricht zu Hause). Anyway, the simple poll asks, "How would you like it if you were homeschooled?"

In this nation which I am continually told has no broad, local support for homeschooling, 58% of respondents answered that they wouldn't like for their parents to educate them. 42% answered that they would like it if their parents would educate them.

I don't know much about the is a kids site apparently operated by ZDF, a German television station. Maybe something like PBS kids? And I don't know how much you can read into online polls taken by anonymous children. But the statistics seem to say something.