Oh, the joys of technology
Right now, for some unknown reason, I cannot email. I hit "reply" or "compose" and come to a screen with the address and subject line and a box to check for attachments. But no entry box. Is yahoo messed up, or is it just me? I tried sending something as an attachment just to see, and tried typing a cryptic message in a subject line to let someone know I wasn't ignoring them, but nothing happened. If your email is full of messages from me that have no body, I appologize. And if you are one of the people who left me a message that I really should be responding to, I am really sorry.

It is like having my phone line disconnected, but the answering machine still works. Or something.

And since returning from vacation, my browser no longer displays pictures. I have a few pictures I'd like to post, but I do not like posting by faith rather than by sight as I left in someone's comment box earlier. And my faith in this technology is decidedly slight.

Yesterday, blogger was down. Today, the other site I occasionally write for is down. I am already late and that isn't helping my recent slide into procrastination any.

And earlier today I agreed to send an outline into an editor of an article, but not being able to email, that is rather difficult at the moment. I'm going to have to end up going to the library just to log onto their computer and find out that this is a yahoo issue and still not be able to email.

And then some weirdo will probably be able to hack into my email because I checked it on a public computer and everyone in my email will get awful email messages from me. Or all my personal identification will be stolen just as we are trying to get a loan refinanced and I'll find out that I have 300 open accounts and a total debt of 2.5 million. Which will all get figured out in the end, but then the interest rates will probably go up and refinancing won't look so good.

I think I'll go back to the woods of IN. Everything was so peaceful without any technology...how did this stuff make life any easier? How well do you think we'd do in a "My Side of the Mountain" kind of scenario? Of course, there's no place to charge my cell phone in a hemlock tree, and I'm not sure if they make phone cords long enough to reach into town to get my internet connected.

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