More fun at school
I was going to post the second part of my take on the fun of education, but time is at a premium.

So, instead, I'll direct to you to this fun little activity. Using square dancing to teach basic concepts such as left, right, circle, square, in and out as well as clockwise and counter-clockwise? Something tells me it would take longer to teach the kids how to square dance than it would to teach those concepts.

Besides, aren't those pre-K and perhaps kindergarten skills? Ok, maybe clockwise might wait until first grade when the kids learn to tell time.

Don't get me wrong. I have no problem teaching students to square dance. One teacher I knew taught his students traditional Mexican dances (very fitting in an Hispanic community). Some of these things have value of their own. But let's keep them in their proper context.

Then again, the poor kids probably don't get recess, anyway. Go ahead. Take them outside, teach them to square dance. Here is what my lesson plan objectives would have looked like:

Listening/speaking, 1, b,c,e,f; 2,b; 4,a
Mathematics, K.2,b; K.5
Social Studies, 12c

I don't remember the TAAS objectives, anymore, but they would have little stars next to them.