The Well-Being of the Children is Acutely Endangered
According Wolfgang Bergmann, anyway. And who is he? An experienced child psychologist and family therapist speaking about the child custody case against Andre and Frauke R. His words might have some weight if he knew anything about the case. But as he says, (my translation):
"Observed from a distance, this is about an acute case of child endangerment." He also fears that "the family is running itself into its pursuit-paranoia and this drama will end in a psychosis."
Um, ok. But are you paranoid if someone really is after you? And is it really responsible for psychologists to be making public statements and such harsh judgments about cases they are viewing "from afar?"

Homeschooling doesn not equal child abuse. In fact, one of the interesting parts of this case is that social workers could not come up with any abuse and the children were quite happy and adjusted to their family life, much to the apparent dismay of these social workers. And they represented the state. And were in the home. In fact, this family was pretty public about their case, allowing television cameras into their home. Stern-TV plans on airing this film in an upcoming edition.

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